VaHairDo custom consults your colour to suit your hair cut.  There is nothing more important to us than getting the right colour for the right cut for each client's face shape, eye colour and skin tone!

Our aim is to give you something sexy but simple so you can recreate it at home.  That is the VaHairDo way!



Colour refresh

Have that 2-6 week regrowth you want to hide away? With our quick colour refresh, we will have that unwanted strip disappear!

Regrowth  $68
T-zone (quick part line)  $35

Colour revamp

Needing to revamp your colour?
You can have versatility and slight tone change or enjoy our glossy block colour that works as a hair colour treatment with our colour revamp.

Long hair  $102
Short hair  $82


Get the hottest French trend without wide rage of balayage tricks & techniques

Long hair  $122
Short hair  $97


BLonde colour hair dresser ferntreegully

High fashion blonde 

For complete blonde coverage & high-end blond fashion trends don’t look past this baby!

Long hair  $142
Short hair  $132


Hair colour ferntreegully

Creative colour

Come and enjoy the different blends of our creative colour from soft highlights to bold contrast colours, astonishing grey coverage keeping it natural or wanting to make a statement!

Long hair  $127
Short hair  $117

Fashion blonde

Blondes really do have more fun with our fashion blonde you can have a vast colour selection different tones intertwining from creamy, honey, ashy, icy, platinum, Swedish, cinnamon or even fashion tones- like lilac, pink, peach etc.

Long hair  $114
Short hair  $102



Our new Overwash service created by Mr qaba himself is for the High Mai enance ones that want to look fabulous in between colours and all year round.  It perfects all colour tones and works to seal in your desired colour shade!
It’s a treatment within itself -
 You will LOVE the Overwash.

Long hair  $142
Short hair  $132
Overwash Extra  $30
Long hair  $30
Short hair  $25
4 weeks  $40
5 weeks $50
6 weeks $60
7 weeks $70
8 weeks $80
over 8 weeks Refer to colour revamp


Lift+cut  $120 + toner
Mens toner $25

Men’s lifting is if you would like to be bold and blonde! From our high fashion blonde to our Tradie gets the ladies with our surfy highlights!

Remode+cut $120

Does your hair need a remode? Experience the girls work there magic, covering those wise greys to a bit of fashion colour sit back relax and switch off!

Shadowing+cut  $73

Want to mask those greys? Or want to enhance your natural colour? With our shadowing, you won’t be caught out on the work site known to have coloured your hair with our men’s shadowing technique!

mens hair cuts ferntreegully

If you require further information about your colour or cut, please contact us for a consultation

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